Strategy and Organization

Growth through the development of new products/markets

Turnaround Business Programs:

  1. Selection of areas for growth (turnover and profitability) in medium/short term (new products/services/markets)

  2. Business policy review (profitability of products and distribution channels, price levels/discounts, portfolio optimization of product/brands, geographical priorities)

  3. Business costs and overheads reduction (centralization of corporate functions, outsourcing and factual analysis on structural efficiency)

  4. Industrial restructuring (existing capacity saturation, relocation and outsourcing decisions for finished products/components)

  5. Supply base evaluation (number/localization of suppliers) and assessment of negotiating and control processes

  6. Organization streamlining (offices, subsidiaries, support structures)

  7. Business plans development with sustainable investments levels

  8. Tight management control routines with frequent reporting to Senior Management

  9. Turnaround program with clear economic objectives and implementation timetable, with tight reporting from management to the Board of directors

Due Diligence and Post Merger Integration

Business Advisors

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